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Welcome to the #MySephora Social Media Marketing Plan!  


This plan consists of 9 aspects: 

1.   Company Overview - brief company history and key  information

2.  Situation Analysis – SWOT analysis proving key information in to opportunities for improved brand awareness

3.  Objectives and Goals – strategic social media campaign goals that will yield profitable ROI.


4.  Target Market Insights – a customer analysis segmented psychographically, geographically and demographically along with an outline of Sephora's ideal buyer persona

5.  Marketing Mix - summary of the four P's (product, price, place and promotion) and how Sephora uses them for brand cohesion

6.  Social Media Strategy - overview of the brand's most effective social media platforms and its uses


7.  Experience Strategy – summary of the overall brand experience customers will have with the #MySephora campaign


8.  Activation – discussion of the two phase execution of the #MySephora social campaign


9.  Measurement – how Sephora will track its brand's progress through engagement, share of voice and conversion metrics. 

Created by: Ashley Andrews

Company Overview

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